What We Do

Adams Contracts Consulting LLC helps companies around the world develop clear and effective template contracts. We also help companies automate their templates, so you create contracts by answering an annotated online questionnaire. As a result, companies save time and money and reduce their risk. The foundation of our work is the expertise developed by our president, Ken Adams, who is acknowledged internationally as the leading authority on contract language.

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Why Us

Through Adams Contracts Consulting, Ken Adams, our president, aims to make it easier for companies to develop template contracts that reflect his principles for clear and effective contract language.

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Having Adams Contracts Consulting help you with your templates would offer compelling advantages: You would save time. You would save money. You would reduce your risk.

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Since 2006, Ken Adams has blogged about contract language and the contracts process. For five of the past six years, Ken’s blog has been included in the “Blawg 100”—the ABA Journal’s list of the hundred best law blogs.

Below are recent posts particularly relevant to what Adams Contracts Consulting does. To see all Ken’s posts on the Adams on Contract Drafting blog, go here.